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At Bloomington Center for Global Children, we offer immersion-based foreign language classrooms. Our infant and toddlers classrooms follow a full-immersion model. All teachers speak primarily in fluent Spanish to the children they care for.

In our Pre K classroom, we follow a dual-language model in which certain teachers speak Spanish to the children, and others speak English. We believe the most effective way of teaching a foreign language is by immersing children in the language while they learn and do other things.

Studies have shown that children who have had exposure to a foreign language from a young age demonstrate better problem-solving skills, more advanced reading skills and a greater grasp of their first language. They exhibit more confidence, a larger view of the world and greater flexibility in thinking. Up to a certain age, children simply absorb language without having to be taught it. Research has demonstrated that the younger they start learning a foreign language, the easier it is, and the more likely they are to master a native accent. Immersing them in a foreign language environment lays the groundwork for fluency.


Toddlers playing outside

Direct access to nature offers a multitude of possibilities to learn about the world around us. Science is an important focus of our curriculum. Our playgrounds are natural playscapes, serving as outdoor classrooms providing endless opportunities for hands-on science and math learning.

Studies showing the benefits of children playing in nature are numerous.  We have seen time and time again that when children play outside, they have fewer social conflicts, display greater cooperation and are generally happier. They have more opportunities for gross motor play and activity, leading to healthier bodies. It has been shown that children who play regularly in natural environments show more advanced motor fitness, including coordination, balance and agility, and they are sick less often (Grahn, et al. 1997, Fjortoft & Sageie 2001).

Our children have their own gardens to plan, plant, tend and harvest. This further strengthens their connections with nature. Importantly, it helps them understand where our food comes from, and is a cornerstone of our focus to help children learn healthy eating habits. The garden also plays a paramount role in teaching children about sustainability and taking care of the environment.

Social Learning

Toddlers interacting

We recognize that social learning is as important as academic learning during the preschool and nursery years. We teach tolerance and appreciation for the similarities and differences of others. We emphasize the virtues of respect, collaboration, self-regulation, communication and happiness.

We proudly follow the MindUP program. MindUP directly affects student learning, attitudes and behaviors by imparting knowledge of how the brain works and through the acquisition of social and emotional skills and strategies and enhanced self-awareness. MindUP is anchored in current research in cognitive neuroscience, evidence-based classroom pedagogy, best-practices mindful education, precepts of social and emotional learning (SEL) and guiding principles of positive psychology. MindUP is a family of social, emotional and attentional self-regulatory strategies and skills developed for cultivating well-being and emotional balance.

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Our Staff

Sierra and Daniel Roussos started Bryan Park Preschool for Global Children in 2008 out of their passion for education. They then expanded to Bloomington Center for Global Children in 2012. They share a desire to create a place that will prepare children to thrive in a global society. As parents themselves, they wanted a preschool that would nurture children's spirits and enrich their minds. As educators, they are committed to helping children reach their full potential and providing them with a taste of other cultures.quotes

Sierra Roussos

Sierra has a Bachelor's degree in Education from Indiana University, and a Master's in Education from New York University. In both her undergraduate and graduate studies she specialized in Teaching French as a Foreign Language. In New York she taught French to preschool-aged children at the French Institute Alliance Francaise. She also has a Child Development Associate credential.

Daniel Roussos

Daniel's love of travel, culture, and language have been shaped by his experiences living in eight different countries on four continents. He was born in Beirut and raised in Greece. He speaks, reads, and writes fluently in English, German, and Greek, and is conversationally fluent in Arabic. His love and passion for working with children fueled his desire to open this school. Daniel holds a Child Development Associate credential.

Ruth Anderson

Ruth started at BCGC in April of 2013 with over twenty years experience as an Early Childhood educator. Three of the most important things in her life are family, children and education. She comes from a large family, and she and her husband have five children and eight grandchildren of their own, most of whom live here in Bloomington. She considers herself to be a lifelong learner. She holds Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies, as well as an Associate of General Studies with coursework in Education and Business. She has completed additional coursework in Early Childhood Education at Ivy Tech, as she continues to pursue personal and professional development. Because she truly enjoys and values children, she strives to learn and improve her skills as a teacher every day.

Benjamin Bradley

Benjy brings patience, communication, and positivity to his interactions with children. He believes in the power of music, art, and imagination in learning and play, and loves to encourage a balance of independent and group creativity. He is excited to be a part of a program that encourages learning through play and emphasizes positive social and emotional development. Benjy will be pursuing an Associate’s in Early Childhood Education at Ivy Tech.

Denise Caswell

Denise was born in Mexico and moved to the United States when she was five. She grew up in Oregon and has lived in Indiana since 2004. Denise has worked in the early childhood field since 2002, as both a teacher and an assistant director. Denise has a true passion to be in the classroom and joined the infant/toddler teaching team at BCGC in April of 2013. She also teaches Sunday school at her church. Denise is currently working on her degree in Early Childhood Education at Ivy Tech Bloomington.

Martrese Causey

Martrese grew up helping her mom in a home day care in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She came to Bloomington to attend Indiana University, where she received Bachelor degrees in Spanish and English. She has dedicated a lot of time volunteering and tutoring people of all ages, but always had a strong interest in working with children. As bilingual Spanish and English speaker, Martrese felt from a young age that it was important to give children an opportunity to develop their communication skills in multiple languages. She also understands the importance of making learning fun and showing children that their classroom is a comfortable and desirable place to learn and grow. Martrese is currently pursuing a Child Development Associates Credential.

Gicela Cuatle

Gicela is originally from Puebla, Mexico. She grew up helping her mother raise her five brothers and although it sometimes meant a lot of hard work, she remembers her childhood as being full of fun and laughter. She appreciates how much her upbringing taught her the values and respect towards others she holds today. She is now married and has two children of her own. Gicela greatly enjoys working with the infants and toddlers at BCGC and is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge as a teacher. In her free time she likes to read, cook and watch her children play sports. Gicela plans on pursuing a Child Development Associates Credential in the fall.

Nancy Dorantes

Nancy is from Acapulco, Mexico. After raising her three lovely kids, and having her own home-daycare program, she came to Bryan Park Preschool to continue her passion for caring for young children. She has also volunteered to teach kids Spanish at Templeton Elementary, and feels learning new languages can open many opportunities. She loves taking care of kids and is so happy to be able to do what she loves in life. Nancy earned a Child Development Associate credential in 2012.

Angela Medina

Angela was born in Mexico City. She was eight years old when her family moved to Indiana. She began babysitting as a young adult, and has helped her mother raise her little brother. These combined experiences led her to realize her love of working with young children. She started at Bloomington Center for Global Children in in 2012, and is greatly enjoying the work she does there. She is amazed that people at such a young age can have such big personalities, and finds wonderful fulfillment in supporting each child's individual needs. Angela is working on her Child Development Associate's credential, and plans to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education at Ivy Tech Bloomington.

Berta Meza

Berta Meza was born in Texas and has lived in Indiana for the past twenty years. Her family is from Jalisco, Mexico. She has three beautiful children of her own and has been working as an Early Childhood Educator for over ten years. Berta received her Child Development Associate credential in infant/toddler development in 2008. She is currently in the process of obtaining my Associate's degree in Early Childhood. Further, she has been involved in coaching youth sports for the last seven years in both Ellettsville and Bloomington. She truly enjoys working with young children because they are always eager to learn and love!

Deyanira Pulido

Originally from Tabasco, Mexico, Deyanira has lived in the United States for the past ten years. She is the mother of two amazing young girls. She has a special love for children and feels that it is our duty as adults to provide them with the best childhood possible, and it is this love that has brought her to Bloomington Center for Global Children. She believes there is never a dull moment when you work with children and she looks forward to learning from all of the children in our care as well as to guiding and loving them. Further, she values teaching children Spanish as a way to open up future opportunities for them. Deyanira earned a Child Development Associate credential in 2012.